Hey there, I am Vanessa

I have an enthusiasm for life and I am passionate about participating in authentic human relationship. I am a certified trauma expert with 20 years of experience working with trauma in varying capacities. 

I have trained in somatically-oriented therapies and the study of neurophysiology, which recognize that the human person doesn’t merely inhabit their body, they are their body- and the body holds the story.

My secret to the good life:
Marvel at ordinary things

Curriculum Vitae

I hold the following Master’s degrees: Psychology, which focuses on individuals; Marriage and Family Therapy, which emphasizes relational dynamics and family systems; Intercultural Studies, which recognizes the importance of cultural milieu; and Theology, which examines the human condition in the greater context of our humanity and the symbols and stories that inform and help shape a sense of transcendent meaning and purpose.

My superpower is helping people become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with abundant freedom, joy, and peace. 

This combined anthropology has led me to developing an integrated, holistic approach to how I see and understand the clients I work with, as well as how I conceptualize the individual. I strive to cultivate my appreciation of each unique person in their pursuit of their authentic self in thriving relationships. To me, this is not just a goal of coaching; it is also our existential purpose as human beings.
I integrate an individual’s body, mind, and spirit/spirituality because sometimes we are stuck in one or all of these vital areas of our experience. I have received certifications and training in several modalities and practices that support an integrated approach to wellness.


The healing power of play. Reconciliation. God. The importance of hospitality- and Pottery Barn. Campfires and s'mores.  The innate ability to heal.    


Empty platitudes. Cooking or dishes. Upholding normativity that keeps others from fully living. Early mornings or washing my hair every day. 

Favorite to do List:

Throwing parties. Camping with the fam-bam and friends. Home design-and Pottery Barn (yep, it's a problem!). Being with friends till it's way too late.

Fun facts:

I am a USMC Veteran.  I served as a firefighter. I am a professor. enneagram number- 8 (OCHO!!!). Mom of 4 rambunctious boys. I have been a Pastor's wife for 16 years. 





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Stuff and Things About Me

I served as firefighter in the Marine Corps. I still serve by working with combat trauma and military sexual trauma, my areas of expertise. Semper Fi!

my sweet momma

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I lost my mother way too soon. I cared for her until she lost her battle with brain cancer.

I support the goal of a balanced and equal world. I maintain an inclusive coaching practice rooted in cultural humility and an awareness of the dangers and shortcomings of normativity.

Stuff and Things About Me


my guilty pleasure

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I geek out about card games.  I am all about a nice  game of spades with friends.

I am high energy, high achieving, and I love to play and have fun with the ordinary.

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Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

"Vanessa rocked my whole world with poignant questions that made me reevaluate my own mask to the world while being gentle enough that I wasn’t left feeling destroyed."


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