It's Time: Your Life Is Waiting For You!

Coaching helps you alter your mindset, implement behavioral change, regulate your physiology, and resolve issues keeping you stuck.  These changes lead to identifiable benefits for your relationships and noticeable improvements in your health.  

about coaching

I get it. It interrupts sleep. It gets in the way of work and a fulfilling career. It may pop up in relationships over and over again.  Ugggh, it can be so frustrating....especially knowing it doesn't have to be this way. Think of the time spent being anxious, frustrated, unfulfilled or empty.  What if you reclaimed that time and energy and invested in you? We can help you do that and make it work.

It's it time you finally did the work you've always wanted to do to become a better version of you. Let's fix that problem you've been living will all this time. We can help you make that happen.

You don't have to do it alone. Together, We'll get there

Let's be real:

Do You Want Better?

Managing big emotions, in your relationships, solving problems, making and following through with goals.

do better

In your body, living with a disability or medical condition, after a loss or traumatic experience.

feel better

Have a better relationship, parenting, communication, social or dating skills. Have better coping strategies.  

Have better

Coaching Can Help:

Personal growth 

-Cope with a traumatic experience
-Receive guidance through life transitions
-Explore self-identity
-Develop self-confidence and self esteem
-Manage anger and outbursts 

IMPROVE Relationships

-Receive effective support with a struggling relationship
- Improve communication and connection
-Develop relationship and dating skills
-Identify and break abusive relationships 
-Pre-marital counseling

Professional development

-Find work, family, school & life balance
-Learn organizational skills
-Improve time management skills    
-Identify and develop skill deficiencies
-Improve academic and professional performance

"Yoda here seriously helped us saved our marriage. Deep gratitude."

Derek (& Michelle)

Couples coaching

You will notice an improvement in your ability to have tough conversations without getting angry or checking out.

How will this help?

You will feel better  in your body.  Your sleep will improve, your pain will reduce, and you will have more energy.



the results you're going to see:

Your thinking brain will do better.  Your focus, memory, and concentration will improve.


Your sense of connection with  your partner, family, and friends will deepen.


You will find you feel like yourself, you will regain the ability to be present- to marvel at ordinary things.


"Since I have been working with Shannon I feel like I have gained a whole new perspective on life..."

 Life coaching

"...She is compassionate, honest, empathetic, and down to earth. I have been in and out of therapy my entire life. Working with Vanessa and Shannon has changed my life for the better in just a short amount of time."


Is Coaching Right For You?

You are struggling in your life, emotions and/or relationships.

Therapy has been helpful, but you're still not where you want to be.

You feel anxious, struggle with anger, or feel easily overwhelmed.

You and your partner are in this downWard spiral that you can't stop.

you're ready to be intentional in living life to the fullest! You know you are capable of better. 

"Marvel at ordinary things"


Simply Put: Therapy treats mental illness. Coaching helps with distress.

Coaching and therapy are different even if they overlap in places. Not all individuals who want help living a better life have a mental health disorder and need a mental health provider. Often the people we work with have been in traditional therapy for years and still are not where they want to be.  Sometimes you're stuck, not sick.

more about The Difference

We will discuss your needs to ensure they are able to be addressed within coaching. If you require more than what is provided through coaching, we will make a referral to an appropriate licensed provider. We collaborate with healthcare providers and coordinate care to support our clients.

As integrated/alternative providers, we neither make nor treat medical or mental diagnoses. Even though our coaches are either licensed mental health providers or pre-licensed mental health providers, in this capacity we are not operating as licensed therapists, physicians, or psychologists providing traditional medical or mental health treatment.

Our coaches are formally trained to work with both the mind and the body. We implement strategies informed by Eastern and Western medicine and provide alternative therapy that is complementary to the healing arts services that are offered by providers who are licensed by the state. We offer services that are in compliance with California state laws, including California Business & Professional Code § 2053.6 

Sometimes we are just stuck and need help.  Coaching may be a fit.

We practice alternative approaches to healing because traditional psychotherapy isn't always the right for for all people or problems. We implement a holistic approach and integrate an individual’s body, mind, and spirit/spirituality because sometimes we are stuck in one or all of these vital areas of our experience.

Take me back

do i need coaching or therapy?

No commitment other that a quick 20 minutes when you want to make the time.  Let's talk a little about what's going on, what you want, and we'll see if we are the right fit for you.  It'll give us a chance to give you an idea of the work and you an opportunity to get a feel for us.  It's your life, live it well!

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So, is that a yes?

"Vanessa listens with a kind, compassionate heart and I can tell her anything..." 

"...without feeling judged. She also has given me practical tools I can use and I really noticed how much I was ignoring the signals my body was sending me. Definitely noticed a shift even after the first session." 

Ann H

Wellness coaching

Yes, It Really Gets Better

"I was initially drawn to her because I was curiously skeptical."

"Vanessa came highly recommend by a colleague. In all honesty, I was initially drawn to her because I was curiously skeptical. I stayed because she is crazy, wicked smart and I actually experience the changes. We don't just talk about problems. We resolve them."

Irene K

Couples coaching

"Shannon really gets my son. She has an easy going and fun-loving demeanor." 

"My son looks forward to seeing her and our family has been able to spend time together without everything turning into a circus. I appreciate the way she both dumbs down what she is talking about so I understand it without talking down to me."


Parent of school aged child

(not actually Ann!)

Not Sam
(His son 
is great!)

Not Irene. But she
said this:

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