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This box ix Dr. Hughes' pick for couples in conflict, those seeking to reconnect, and couples who are relearning how to communicate.

A good set for you if:

✔ Your coach pointed you to this set

✔ You can have "State of the Union" conversations without conflict

✔ You have successfully identified the dance" in your relationship

This is a good set for integrating the communication skills while on dates!  It comes in a handy travel size, which is helpful.  The questions are more curious allowing for an enjoyable conversation and less of a prime for deeper connection

A good set for you if:

✔ Are able to connect in a less structured environment

✔ Are able to identify and stop the pattern

This box ix Dr. Hughes' pick for couples still in high conflict and struggle to communicate without bickering. This is a good beginning set.

A good set for you if:

✔ You are just starting coaching

✔ You find it difficult to communicate without bickering

✔ You and your partner are feeling disconnected

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Conflicted couples often think they already know everything there is to know about their partner and quit seeking to learn more.  These questions offer glimpses into new places.

NEutral places to start

These questions rarely are loaded - especially with content that cues a conflict pattern in couples. They are ways to safely and comfortable regain curiosity about your partner.

fresh out of new topics

Often conflicted couples talk about the relationship as a way of connecting emotionally - if I feel emotions, then we connect! These cards keep the conversation contained - and therefore: safe.

Contained conversation

Often conflicted couples simply relay information about schedules rather than sharing information that creates connection. These cards are a start.

Connection vs Information

Why do I recommend using Table Topics?

- Jessica

These cards are great for when you don't know what to talk about, but really want to talk to that special someone! The questions are genuine, not edgy or humorous. They are definitely on theme. Some are a little bit more silly, but can still create a meta conversation about that silliness. 

- Anonymous

Bought this for my husband for Christmas. Months later he said this was his favourite gift. We have had so many deep conversations with this to aid us along. We’ve been married 12 years and you feel like you know someone inside and out but these questions are so thought provoking and deep. Excellent, highly recommended.


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