Coaching: It's what we do

Coaching is a collaborative way of supporting all aspects of life. When we are whole and balanced, we are able to improve life and relationships, enhance our lives, make decisions, resolve issues, and establish, deepen, and maintain authentic relationships— and live an abundant and limitless life.  We are ready to do the work.  Are you?

What is coaching?

COACHING services

You were meant to thrive! But that is not always the case. In fact, often we struggle with what seem like simple things. We find ourselves existing through life but not finding deep joy, connection or meaning. We get stuck. We feel a block. We want better! We provide you with concrete tools and practical strategies to improve your life and relationships.

When we struggle in one area, we suffer in all the rest. But— when we make changes to better ourselves and relationships in one area, all the others improve! We help you do what works.

We've got you, it's what we do!

Coaching Services

What is in the way of fully living life? Let's clear the beliefs that limit you or resolve the trauma. It is time.


One feels worthless, the other feels invisible. How did it get this way?  Let's bring you back to one another.

COuples coaching

Let's help your child develop self-awareness to understand themselves and the world. 

grit kids

Sometimes we are still struggling to manage something that dropped into our life months, even years, later. 

Types of Coaching

What is holding you back? What beliefs limit you? What are those insecurities that have been following you around all your life? Which patterns did you inherit from your family that might now be keeping you stuck? Whether it is time management or a series of toxic relationships—this junk shows up, and it prevents us from living fully.


You want to be better.  You are not living as the fullest expression of yourself. 

Personal Coaching

Your relationship is struggling or you want more intimacy.  You want pre-marital counseling,


We crave connection but are blocked by the pain history that gets in the way. We disappear, physically and emotionally.

One partner feels alone and like they don't matter and the other feels they are always being criticized and can't get anything right. The more one asks for the other to show up, the more the partner disappears physically and emotionally. You both bicker and fight and the idea of sitting and just hanging out seems elusive, if not impossible. 


Couples Coaching



When kids learn to overcome adversity, resilience becomes the byproduct, which is necessary for independence. What more could we want for our children. Through curiosity about our thoughts and feelings, we grow the insight to develop, evolve, adapt and transform. Learning to live with purpose is a necessary life skill.

Kids need grit. GRIT is the ability to sustain long term goals in the face of  adversity. Let's cultivate this as soon as possible.



You want to uncover what is prompting your child's behavioral patterns causing distress in the family.

My mission in life is not to merely survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style

Maya Angelou

Without a doubt I know I am going to receive the help I need! Vanessa was extraordinary with me and got right to the point with compassion and honesty.


Life Coaching


"Since I have been working with Shannon I feel like I have gained a whole new perspective on life"


Life COaching


She is compassionate, honest, empathetic and down to earth. I have been in and out of therapy my entire life.  Working with Vanessa and Shannon has changed my life for the better in just a short amount of time."

real people say:

"Vanessa listens with a kind, compassionate heart and I can tell her anything..." 

"...without feeling judged. She also has given me practical tools I can use and I really noticed how much I was ignoring the signals my body was sending me. Definitely noticed a shift even after the first session." 

Ann H

Wellness coaching

Yes, It Really Gets Better

"I was initially drawn to her because I was curiously skeptical."

"Vanessa came highly recommend by a colleague. In all honesty, I was initially drawn to her because I was curiously skeptical. I stayed because she is crazy, wicked smart and I actually experience the changes. We don't just talk about problems. We resolve them."

Irene K

Couples coaching

"Shannon really gets my son. She has an easy going and fun-loving demeanor." 

"My son looks forward to seeing her and our family has been able to spend time together without everything turning into a circus. I appreciate the way she both dumbs down what she is talking about so I understand it without talking down to me."


Parent of school aged child

(not actually Ann!)

Not Sam
(His son 
is great!)

Not Irene. But she
said this:

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