Hello there,
I am Sandy

I am a Certified Spiritual Coach (CSC) as well as a Certified Life Coach (CLC)

You are made for so much more.  My role is to help you find that deeper purpose and meaning.  In doing so, I inspire and bring joy to others. One of the most important things I will do while coaching is to help you see your patterns and then help you take steps to change those that are not serving you.

My secret to the good life:
reinvigorating your drive for life and sense of purpose.


I coach from a spiritual perspective, so I tend to take a non-traditional approach to interpreting your concerns and reframing them into productive ways of healing.
I help people explore and integrate their whole self- to include their spirituality -  resolve their life challenges, and make progress in all areas of their life. I have been coaching others for over 5 years and have developed techniques that will utilize your personal belief system to guide you in achieving  your deepest needs and desires. 

My superpower is aiding others in discovering their deep potential and reconnecting with their life force and vitality. 

While I lean into your struggles with compassion, I focus on the blocks and fears that are holding you back from your full potential.

Along with spiritual coaching, I incorporate Reiki healing into sessions, when requested. Reiki healing is commonly referred to as energy healing. It may sound “woo-woo” but it is a technique that has been used for centuries to connect to out drive - our life force. We are full of purpose and filled with of energy that  sometimes gets muddled or cut-off. Through Reiki healing, I use techniques to unblock and refocus the flow of your personal energy so you feel like a more cohesive and balanced individual as you tackle the ups and downs of your life.


Positive thinking. Kindness. Coffee. Hanging out with family. Angels. Lazy mornings in bed. Walking my dog when I don't feel like it but she does.


Deception (what a waste of time) Watching the news. Waking up late. Starting my morning looking at an electronic device. Trying to be someone else. 

Favorite to do List:

Growing beautiful plants and flowers. Boating. Dodger games. Listening to music. Entertaining and cooking for family and friends. Meditating. Reading. Chillin' out.

Fun facts:

I am thriving after a doozy of a divorce. I was part owner of a Fairy Garden store. I have three amazing humans as children. All boys. My Beagle Daisy is 14 years old.





Gratitude Journal

Water with lemon & cucumber

You are a Badass-Jen Sincero

Anything sweet



 Classic Rock

What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

A spiritual life coach combines the progress and accountability of life coaching along with the power and strength of spirituality. I coach and support individuals by exploring and/or enhancing your spirituality and I help you integrate it more fully into your life.

A spiritual coach is one who also helps empower an individual to be the creator of the life they desire and deserve. By learning the integral parts of your experience, I will be able to promote healing experiences aimed at magnifying your potential.

Stuff and Things About Me


my guilty pleasure

To previous

I geek out about card games.  I am all about a nice  game of spades with friends.

I am high energy, high achieving, and I love to play and have fun with the ordinary.

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night owl

no topsheet




Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

Sandy was very patient and a great listener. She asked very thought provoking questions that helped me see past the blind spots that were holding me back and also challenged me to remember that I'm already good enough and already have the answers I need to grow. I appreciate her help." 


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